"VA - System Resense": digital flyer.

"VA - System Resense": digital flyer.
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Various Artists - System Resense

rem.fever presents:
"Various Artists - System Resense" - fan music compilation based on "System Shock 1" game universe.

01. Aegis Systems - System Shock (Binary Terror Mix) (3:05)
02. Soundtch - Base Out (4:09)
03. Sergrunt - Security (5:22)
04. Radio Envy - HR (2:48)
05. Accent Aigu - Medical Suite (6:00)
06. Mabi - The Dead Sands Voice (6:19)
07. No(dark)matter - Terra 242 (3:08)
08. xOSC - The Bug User (5:44)
09. Alex Rasher - The Groves (2:44)
10. Tim32 - Terror At The Citadel (3:14)
11. ...und null Sekunden - Between Corridors and Elevator (5:22)
12. Tim32 - Glitch Project (3:00)
13. Sergrunt - Science Labs (3:29)

Listen online:

Archive.org (FLAC)
Archive.org (MP3)

Rutracker (FLAC)
Rutracker (MP3)

Taking an opportunity, we would like to thank people which helped us a lot and made it possible to release this compilation:

AmoebaStudio [Mastering/Mixing]:

Mark Makovey [Art]:

GV Sound [Information Support]:

Cyberpunk 2.0 [Information Support]:

SystemShock.org [Information Support]:

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Time for new announcement!

"Welcome back to Citadel Station.
We hope your somnolent healing stage went well.
Today is the 6th day of November, year 2072.
We hope you have a pleasant stay on Citadel Station."

(Artwork by Josh Anderson)

What time is it!? Time for new announcement!

We finally launching our project for new music compilation "VA - System Resense", based on "System Shock 1" game universe!

What have you got?
We need new original compositions inspired by "System Shock 1" game universe or remixes of original tracks by Greg LoPicollo in "System Shock 1".
Feel free to use different music genres.

What you will got?
As reward (in case of you track asseptanse) we will give you a digital copy of the game "System Shock: Enhanced Edition" (gog.com)

How it works?
Please, email tracks in the .wav or .flac format to address: rem.fever.label@gmail.com Make sure to have fun, create something great and definitely take part in our compilation...

Deadline: 28.10.2016 (October 28th, 2016)
Planed release date: 6.11.2016 (November 6th,2016)
Release License: Creative Commons - Non Commercial.
Distribution and download will be absolutely free.

SS1 Original Soundtrack (MIDI & MP3) sources

Good luck!